Tuesday, November 01, 2011

in which I learn some new slang from an admiring student

Thank the lord--I finally finished the chili I made not this past Sunday but the one before! It turned out fine, but geez. There's only so much chili this gal can eat. This is the third most exciting thing that happened today.

The second most exciting thing that happened today was that a student of mine, when I broke them into small groups for discussion, passed by me and said, "I have to tell you, I like your lid."

My what?

"Thank you! Er--oh. You mean my hat??"


"Lid. Is that a thing that people say?"

"It's a thing that I say."

So, "lid." Lid=hat. Who knew?

lid: antique-d
top and belt: thrifted
skirt: Anthropologie
shoes: Urban Outfitters

The first most exciting thing that happened today was this: during my office hours I received an email from R that he is going to be in Minneapolis two days early for a conference not this weekend but the next one! Minneapolis is a 4-hour drive from Iowa City, and for those of you who have known me for a while you will know that 4 hours is nothing for this lady who used to make the 8 hour trek from Conway, Arkansas to Austin, Texas several times a year! So, R proposed that I join him in Minneapolis next weekend! I've never been to Minneapolis before. And I haven't seen this charming man since mid-September! I'm full of explanation points over this, ladies and gentlemen!

In pretty cool though less exciting news, I did find a lot of these pretty yellow leaves still on their thin branches before I went home for dinner. I tried to put them into a tiny blue vase-like thing that I have in my living room, but they are a tad droppy and I'm not sure how long they shall last... but, here you have it, the latest LNR-installment in interior decorating.

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meganeliza said...

that's a new one for me too...lid. hey, your students approve of your style at least!

laur, you look GREAT! and the long hair is creeping back (keepitkeepitkeepitkeepit)

lucky you in warm weather....it's cold here now since we had our blizzard the other day. blizzard in october. i don't know anymore.