Monday, October 31, 2011

in which I wear a bowtie, suspenders, a fez, and say "Geronimo!"

blazer: thrifted
shirt: Gap via GoodWill
suspenders, bowtie, and fez: Amazon
pants: New York and Company via GoodWill
boots: via my mum
Sonic Screwdriver: via The Doctor, duh (I am the regenerated River Song? Wish.)

You guessed it. For this Halloween, I put together a costume of The Doctor's 11th regeneration. At the Halloween gathering this weekend full of English and Film grad students, only a very few people understood my costume without inquiry. Their loss! One nice gentleman from my Victorian Lit seminar acknowledged that my costume was "perfect" and that I had done "an amazing job," which did help me feel confident enough to don the disguise to teach in today. Well, teach one class, and be a bystander in the other.

It feels odd. I typed a page of my Adrienne Rich essay this morning all decked out in Doctor-Garb, which means I was essentially being my usual grad student self, only in a bowtie. Bowties are not comfortable, even if they are cool. Sorry, Doctor. But I kept wanting to take pictures of myself going about my daily tasks and caption them:

This is The Doctor eating vegetarian sausage biscuits for breakfast and drinking coffee out of a Snoopy mug.

This is The Doctor writing an essay on Adrienne Rich and the uses of poetry.

This is The Doctor eating frozen yogurt.

This is The Doctor in downtown Iowa City.

You get the picture (ha). In any case, my students did not understand my costume. However, I felt redeemed when a random girl at the yogurt shop introduced herself to me and asked if she could take a photo. Sure! Why not? That made it all worthwhile.

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