Wednesday, November 23, 2011

in which I spend the morning on a lengthy jog around Town Lake

Well, I did it! I actually did go jogging. I walked R to work and then found the trail along the side of Town Lake. And--off I went! I'm not sure how far I jogged. I didn't actually know where I was going, evidenced by the fact that not once but twice I went down forks of the trail that no other jogger followed me down/up and ended up somewhere completely random and not where I had intended to be. And so I retraced my steps and was forced to backtrack and try again, as it were. But I eventually found myself on parts of the trail that I could recognize, and after about two hours I had looped around the lake under the highway and jogged back to the Congress Avenue bridge, which leads back up to R's abode.

I am of course now ridiculously sore.

dress: vintage, thrifted via Blue Velvet this past weekend
cardigan: JCrew, old
brooch: thrifted
necklace: from a street stall in Notting Hill, London

I've spent my afternoon at The Green Muse, a coffeeshop in south 78704, which is an area that I don't really frequent. But I thought I'd try something new/nearby, so here am. I typed up the introduction to my Victorian paper and have been trying to type the quotes from Villette and Voyage in the Dark and Good Morning, Midnight that I plan to use in my essay. It saves me so much time in the actual writing of my paper when I have all the quotes already typed up and do not have to go flipping through the pages of the books every couple of minutes.

This evening: R and I are meeting my parents at Hut's, the best hamburger joint in Austin (in my opinion). Tomorrow, as you know, is Thanksgiving! Have a nice holiday, all.

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meganeliza said...

It looks so sunny there! In fact, I think I've just been inspired to write a poem involving a cotton dress, sun, and summer.

Yay for chopped hair! A good trim is always a good thing. I had my roommate deal with my bangs last night.

Jogs are also good! I can't wait to be able to have time and do that when I'm home....and cook....and organize things...and completely redo my room.