Monday, November 14, 2011

in which I return from Minneapolis triumphantly

So, I met R in Minneapolis this weekend! It was about a 4.5 hour drive, though I was admittedly speeding. I didn't take any photos on Saturday, despite downtown Minneapolis proving to be full of fantastic spots. I fell a little bit in love with the parks here and there amongst the big buildings; with yellow leaves along the sidewalk, it felt a bit like London again. R is very much into green spaces in cities as a planner, and so we both enjoyed taking a long stroll on Saturday.

On Sunday we ventured into St. Paul for a late brunch. We hit up the Uptowner, where I rediscovered a love of biscuits and gravy. I wanted to get back into Iowa before dark (unlit highways), so we spent the afternoon taking a walk along Grand Avenue and taking in the nice balance of shops and cute apartments until I had to drop R back at the hotel and once again brave the open road.

boots: gifted, old
cardigan: Urban Outfitters, old
tights: Sock Dreams
dress: thrifted vintage
scarf: borrowed from R

It was a lovely weekend, a nice breath of fresh air after weeks upon weeks of stress-filled teaching and researching.

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meganeliza said...

whoa, you guys are a beautiful match.

i'm glad you had fun! you deserve it. i spent my friday getting sloshed on fancy vodka with vince in nyc. i'm not quite sure how we made it back to my dorm.