Wednesday, November 02, 2011

in which the weather pulls a 'London'

It rained for most of today. And, for most of today, the wind blew something fierce. Consequently, the temperature has dropped drastically from yesterday's 70+ degrees down to 44 degrees. Yikes!

I felt a little like I was in London again. Sporting my olive green full-body raincoat from Land's End and my somewhat lacy pale yellow umbrella, I recalled chilly mornings trekking to the British Museum in the same attire. Most particularly, I remembered how silly I felt in retrospect, not having thought it prudent to bring some type of a winter coat to England. As if a raincoat would be enough? Oh silly silly 20-year old LNR. Even the security guard at our favorite doner kebab joint made fun of me during one frigid midnight doner run.

But! I shrugged off my coat and left my umbrella in the car, just to take these outfit photos for my loyal readers on my way home from the grocery store.

boots and necklace: gifted
tights: JCrew
skirt and vest: thrifted
shirt: street vendor in Brussels

As you can see, it was quite a struggle to get a halfway decent photo! For one thing, the camera kept being blown off of the playground equipment by the wind. In addition, the wind kept catching my skirt and/or my vest at the worst possible moments. Well, you can tell by my face that it was quite an ordeal, yes?

Update on the Adrienne Rich essay: 14.5 pages down, about 8 more to go!

This evening I warmed the apartment by baking sweet potato cookies to take to my Victorian Lit seminar tomorrow. Half the class is going to be gone to a conference, so I thought that I would try to keep up the morale with some baked goods. I am also sporting my cozy vintage Snoopy sweatshirt around the apartment. I made these cookies a couple of years ago for the English department after I had completed my thesis, and received rave reviews from various faculty members. Hopefully I will enjoy similar success with them tomorrow! I would have included a photo, but to be perfectly honest the cookies don't look delicious. My food usually tastes pretty good but looks slightly less than appetizing. I wish I knew why this was...


Robert said...

Where is this park? For some reason my brain is at a loss.

LNR said...

It's at I think Fairchild and Johnson--when you go up Johnson you just sort of run into it and have to drive around it in a circle, or, if on foot obviously, walk through the middle.

rebecca said...

Love this outfit! That skirt is amazing and I am loving your boots!


Anonymous said...

Recipe for the cookies? Please?