Saturday, November 05, 2011

in which I go to the gym for the first time in weeks

I think I might have reached a/the point where I've just accepted that if I want to continue to eat Mexican food on a fairly regular basis and do not want to start every day with a two-hour retinue at the gym, that I will simply never be a size 6.

And it's not that I don't like working out. However, when I reach a certain point in every semester, I cease to have extra time in my budget to spare. Furthermore, when it is in the 30s (or lower!) in the evening and in the morning, I have a supremely difficult time wanting to pile on layer over layer and walking to the gym in the cold. This obstacle is a very unfortunate one, because quite honestly I tend to enjoy running once I get past a certain amount of initial windedness and muscle protestations. I like the feeling of my frisbee shorts flapping productively against my legs. I like the imagined urgency with which I run when certain songs come on my ipod and I imagine myself thrust into a dramatic scenario where running is necessary.

I did go to the gym yesterday evening. After I feasted on Chipotle for lunch on Thursday and then had a juicy hamburger (with bacon and chipotle mayo on it) and fries for lunch yesterday, I felt that I could not be happy with myself until I worked off--what, 350 calories of it? The math doesn't make me feel better, but I feel less gluttonous if I follow-up such meals with some amount of gym time. It is all very psychological, I grant you.

But before I pranced off to the gym in my silky frisbee shorts (no, seriously, I love Five Utimate shorts) I camped out at Teaspoons with Z to make further progress on my Adrienne Rich essay. I'm on page 19, folks! I am so close.

cardgian: JCrew, old
belt: via my mum
skirt: Megan Nielsen
tights and socks: Sock Dreams
boots: hand me down from a friend
beret: Forever21, old
shirt: American Apparel

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Anonymous said...

I would like to take full credit for introducing Hendrix to Five Ultimate Shorts. I was very very vocal about wanting them and fought very very hard against a bunch of people who wanted track jackets. Which were cool when you got them the next year, but shorts were totally the priority.
I'm also the anonymous who asked for the sweet potato cookie recipe below. I want that so bad.