Tuesday, November 15, 2011

in which a student actually uses the phrase 'go forth and fornicate' in a paper

It's been a bit of a day, let me tell you. Between a handful of student papers still missing--and excuses accumulating in my email inbox--and the grading of the papers that actually did get turned in ... let's just say that I totally deserve the butternut squash lasagna that is in the oven right now and the wine I am planning to drink with it.

Thus far the highlight of my student papers has to be the one on three perspectives on the subject of free condoms being made available in schools. The student discussed the perspectives of parents, the perspective of schools who DO distribute condoms, and those that do NOT. The perspective of many parents, he claims, is that when schools make free condoms available to students that they are saying "go forth and fornicate."

Oh my goodness did that crack me up. Who gets to read that sentence, ever?

boots: Clarks, gifted
skirt: Coldwater Creek (no, really), old
top: thrifted BCBG, Buffalo Exchange
cardigan: Gap
necklace: thrifted ring and chain

Other noteworthy events of the day: I've started listening to Laura Veirs. Also, I booked my airport shuttle for Friday afternoon. Back into the land of 70 degree autumn in two and a half days!

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