Tuesday, November 08, 2011

in which I discover the "office delivery" option at the library

I am a little bit pampered. This weekend I was going a search for sources on Jean Rhys and Virginia Woolf for two of my remaining papers, and I fouund a handful of book chapters via the MLA Database that sounded quite helpful. As it turned out, the library here at Iowa had several of these in stock. I was about to copy down call numbers when I saw a highly intriguing button that was labeled "Office Delivery."

Buttons are made to be pressed, right?

So, as it turns out, I can have books delivered from the library to my office. Sort of. I found that in all actuality, the books (five hefty volumes, one a dissertation!) were not delivered to my personal office (despite the presence of a mail slot on my door?) but instead to the Graduate Studies in English Office on the floor below. I received a little pink slip denoting that there were packages for me to pick up in the overflow room, so off I went to gather them, juggling my coffee, my shoulder bag, and several layers of coats/jackets/sweaters (it is flogging rain today and rather chilly to boot).

So I've spent my morning office hours requesting more books to be delivered to me. Because I can do that now!

rain boots: old... I forget from where
leggings: thrifted American Apparel, also old
dress: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
belt: JCrew
cardigan: Gap
necklace: via my mama

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