Wednesday, November 09, 2011

in which it snows for the first time this winter

Well, friends, can you still call it autumn if it's snowing? As I type these words in my living room, I can look out my window and see snow falling from the sky. And, thankfully, not sticking to the ground, which is wet from rain. I believe the correct term for this is "wintry mix," which was probably that which was the most unbearable for me last winter here in Iowa. It's cold; it's wet; the snowflakes aren't even fluffy. This experience of wintry mix is not too bad, however, because I am assured by that the temperatures will rise into the upper 40s today. Imagine it not leaving the 30s.

So I finally caved in and turned on the heater at my apartment. I was traipsing around this morning in sweatpants, fuzzy socks, a t-shirt, and a fleece blanket draped over my shoulders and wrapped tightly around my torso--it was time. When it is snowing outside, one should have the heat turned on. That's just one of those nuggests of common-sense.

rain boots: old
tights: Sock Dreams
skirt: Anthropologie
shirt: handmade, thrifted
belt: JCrew
necklace: antique shop-ed

In other news, I had a request for the recipe of the sweet potato cookies!

And in other other news.... I finished my Adrienne Rich paper! 21 pages. What a relief. Now I just have to write two other 20-page essays in three weeks. No big deal.

This is the Snoopy sweatshirt that is keeping me toasty on these long autumnal wintery nights. I love love love it and it was worth every bit of the $18 that I paid for it at Buffalo Exchange 5 years ago!

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