Wednesday, January 17, 2007

january brings april showers

It is so cold. We have ice, but since campus is only a block long and everyone lives so close to (if not on) it, classes have not been cancelled. I have an 8:10 class and I didn't think I would survive the walk there, it was so cold. How do people keep warm? I should just buy a bodysuit.

So I have a new roommate. Her name is Hollis and I like her a lot. She's a sophomore, and a bit of a hippie, also a lesbian. She is super-friendly, and we have a similar taste in music and people. (As in, the people she wants to get to know are the same people I wished to befriend last semester).

Things seem to be looking up. On Friday I'm going to Memphis with Laura, Lauren, Blake, and a guy named Sean to see Of Montreal and eat bbq. On Saturday Hollis and I are having an underwear tea party where you must be wearing some type of underwear visibly (over pants or whatnot is acceptable) to be admitted. We're thinking about moving the furniture around if it's possible.

There are distinct opportunities, I think. Cause enough to be optimistic, at least.

Monday, January 15, 2007

time is marching on, and time, is still marching on

I walked to Wal-Mart and bought groceries. Because Conway has no sidewalks, I also turned my black Converse into mud clomps.

The rumor from the first floor RA of Couch who was in my Classical Mythology class last semester is that my new roomate will be moving in tomorrow and that she is a sophomore. Adam told me she is a crazy hippie, though a nice one.

I am nearly done with The Vicomte de Braggelone. My list of books to read remains long, but I am progressing through it quickly, which delights me. Naturally, I haven't read a contemporary novel since Juno and Juliet.

There is a litmag meeting tonight, and I begin class tomorrow. I took a shower this morning and found it is still uncomfortable to wear flip flops while bathing. I am still at war with the air conditioning unit, as well. No sooner do I begin to sweat and turn off the heat that I begin to shiver uncontrollably.

I'm not really glad to be back at all.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Yes" is my favorite answer.

It's official. I am back at Hendrix. (This is made official by my using the restroom next to my dorm room.)

Kim, my [pseudo-evil, at times] roomate, moved out. She's gone! And I have no idea if they will stick someone else in her place here, but at least for tonight I have the room to myself! This means I can talk to Austin on the phone however late I want, and listen to music when I go to sleep. Yessss.

It is raining like crazy here in Conway, and campus is underwater. That's ok--I like rain.

At dinner I ate a salad without dressing. I feel like that deserves a five pound reduction of my fat immediately.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

homesick 'cause I no longer know where home is

I love The Kings of Convenience. Let me just say that for the past month I don't think I've really listened to anybody else besides them and The Decemberists, who we already know I love a lot.

I feel like everyone else is having these epiphanies or actual experiences in college, and I am not. Both Stephen and Megan have changed their ideas of what they want to do with their lives, and Alex has been questioning hers. Clara has her own radio show. I just can't think of anything romantic that came out of my semester, and because I expect nothing different, I am extremely reluctant to return on the 14th.

I don't want to return to roomate problems and public restrooms and no letters and awkward phone calls. I especially don't want to return to those things without having done so many of the things I wanted to over the break. Where is Amelia? Or Mary or Paul? I barely saw Amalia. I have hardly spent time with Robert and Alex and Stephen. I hope I see Ariane and Lily. From what I've heard I probably won't see Coco, and she's changed so much I may not want to.

I wish Hendrix and Southwestern or St. Edward's would magically switch. I hate not being in Austin but I know I would hate being at UT even more.