Tuesday, October 25, 2011

in which I fall off of a chair

One of my colleagues told me last week that on the evaluations that she has her students fill out about her, she always asks them to describe a memorable moment from the semester in her classroom. Inevitably, the students often list moments that were not learning-related. “If I embarrassed myself in some way, they were sure to take note and remember it,” she told me.

I gave my morning section a moment to remember yesterday.

Quite simply, I fell off of a chair. I was trying to demonstrate various different perspectives, yes? "J, your sitting in the corner gives you a different view from my standing here at the front of the room; now, if I stood on this chair for instance, that would be yet another perspective..." and then, whoosh!

So, that was embarrassing. Red and white checkered skirt in the air, feet over my head, ouch. Luckily, I did not injure myself in any lasting way. My left ankle hurt for the remainder of the day, but much less today. I suspect it will be as if nothing had happened by the end of the week. Except--I'm sure one of my students will be sure to mention it again. Because... well. So it goes.

top: Loft
skirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted via an Etsy shop, years ago
socks: Sock Dreams
shoes: Urban Outfitters
cardigan: gifted, JCrew, old

What a way to start the week, friends.

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