Friday, October 07, 2011

In Which Iowa City Forgets What Autumn is Supposed to Feel Like

I'm serious. It has been in the low to mid 80s all week, and shall be through the weekend. I do not approve. I have swapped my cardigans and polyester blouses for tank tops, my boots for ballet flats. It's 'casual Friday' and it's too hot outside to wear jeans. I was getting into the swing of fall! I was drinking several cups of tea each day, and making stews in my slow cooker. I was beginning to go to the gym multiple times a week, not breaking out in a colossal sweat on the bicycle ride there, and cooling off on the bicycle ride back to my apartment. But now?

Now I mostly complain, I guess.

Well, and life goes on as well. I am just beginning to grade my students' op-ed analyses, and my Victorian class is finishing up Aurora Leigh. This week I taught proposals by showing three clips from Doctor Who:

1. Nine proposing to Rose that she come with him on the TARDIS.
2. Ten proposing to Martha that he take her on one trip on the TARDIS.
3. Eleven proposing to Amy that she join him on the TARDIS.

And instead of falling in love, the majority of my students maintained that all three regenerations of The Doctor were creepy! One of my students even professed that Ten's eyes, especially, were creepy. Ugh, if by creepy you mean beautiful? So I had no converts. But, they did enjoy the activity, and subsequently I have received proposals for their first speech that have greatly improved on the proposals that I received last month for the papers that I am just about to start grading. So even if they don't love The Doctor, they did at least learn something from him!

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