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Lucy had her work cut out for her
.Sunday, October 30, 2011 ' 6:29 PM
in which I take a break from teaching

This week begins my onslaught of student-led classes. For the next three weeks, I will only teach class twice out of four periods each week! I broke my students into groups of 3 and assigned each group a date for which they are to be responsible for leading class and discussion. We're reading Eating Animals, and so the requirement is that they must address the reading in some way, but that they could supplement discussion of the reading with in-class activities if they desire.

Hoorah! What does this mean for me? Time, my friends. Time to plow through my Adrienne Rich essay (as of today: 5 1/2 pages single-spaced down!), flesh out term paper ideas for Gender and Language as well as Victorian Lit, and to BAKE. I would like to send R some more cookies, and I would like to have things like banana bread and muffins to snack on at home.

Speaking of baking, I made a pie yesterday:

AND I don't have anything to grade until Thanksgiving break! Less than 3 weeks until I'm back in Austin, eating tacos at Amaya's, walnut scones at Quack's, and pear-grilled cheese sandwiches at Kerbey Lane! (Important note: besides eating, I intend to gratuitously hold hands with that boyfriend of mine who I haven't seen in almost two months).



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