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Lucy had her work cut out for her
.Thursday, October 27, 2011 ' 9:59 AM
in which I get down to business

I discovered yesterday that my Adrienne Rich essay, long incomplete, is due at the end of this semester.For those who were not loyal readers at the time, here's the low-down:

In the spring I took a seminar on ethics in/of art. It was amazing. And... the due date for the term paper was nebulous. My professor, bless her, told us that we could have the summer... even the fall...

And, well, my summer passed. I took French, worked for a realtor, and read outside in the sun. I moved to my new apartment, and went to Boston with the lovely R for a week. Then, suddenly, the semester was upon me and I had to teach for the first time. Gah! Every spare moment while the reading in my own classes was light had to be spent on lesson-planning and syllabus-forming! And now... now, here at mid-semester, I am beginning to do research for my two seminar papers for Victorian Lit and Gender and Language. And I'm no longer simply lesson-planning, but also grading. AND, I still had only 4 pages of the Adrienne Rich paper composed as of yesterday morning.

Upon my discovery, however, that if I do not turn it in in the next couple of months and receive a grade for the course by the end of the year, my Incomplete will become a Fail. So, essentially, I'd like to, you know, avoid that.

So I've stepped it up. Last night I wrote a good 2/3 of a page and this morning I added another 1/2 a page. I'm making progress. "A page a day," suggested a colleague in the grad lounge during lunch yesterday. I think he's right. I don't think I have any other choice.

shoes: boots, gifted
thigh high socks: Sock Dreams
dress and snap-up blouse: thrifted
belt: via my mum
beret: Urban Outfitters, old
blazer: thrifted

Time to buckle down. Or, saddle up, as my outfit might suggest. At the risk of sounding (and dressing) like a kitschy Texas cowgirl, yee-haw 2nd half of the semester, let's do this.



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