Thursday, March 01, 2012

Themeless Thursday: in which I borrow a meme/survey/thing

I saw this over at Orchid Grey, and remembered that I don't have a specific structure for Thursday blog posts at this time. I thought, why not?

11 Things [you may not know about me]

1. I don't wear make-up. This is partly because I am lazy.

2. I don't shave. This is entirely because it is a social construct, and I can't see why I would participate in one that I don't even have the slightest desire to.

3. I used to have hair long enough to sit on.

4. I have written fairly smutty fanfiction about the Trojan War.

5. My favorite book of all time is Mrs. Dalloway, but the book I have read cover-to-cover the most often is probably a novel called Juno and Juliet by Julian Gough about a pair of identical twins who go to college in Galway, Ireland. The narrator, Juliet, is convinced that her twin is more beautiful than she is--and falls in love with one of her English professors.

6. When I say the word "poem" aloud, it sounds like this: "Poym." A "pomme," after all, is an apple in French.

7. It is true that my dream wedding takes place in a library.

8. You might know what I used to collect Snoopy, and that although I don't have a specific Snoopy Collection these days, I still love Snoopy and have a tendency to look for vintage Snoopy things online. With me, Snoopy has always been a Big Deal. What you might not know is that in college I contemplated getting a Snoopy tattoo, but my roommate Hollis talked me out of it.

9. I love Wes Anderson movies. This began when my boyfriend when I was 14 gave me a copy of Rushmore for my half birthday. And although he admitted to having bought it for me just because Max reminded him of himself, and it therefore might only have been coincidental that I loved it, I have to say that it was a pretty good gift. Especially for a non-holiday.

10. I used to want to be a shark photographer until I became terrified of sharks.

11. In middle school I wanted to legally change my name to Rainy.

11 Questions...
1. If money, schooling or time was no obstacle, what career would you choose?
I'd probably open a used bookstore that had a mini coffeeshop attached to it.

2. What’s the one thing you look forward to every day?
Talking to R on the phone at night. Sometimes we talk for a little bit and then watch an episode of Bones together, and sometimes we talk for hours and don't get around to the Bones episode. Once a week or so I read a chapter aloud to him from The Three Musketeers.

3. What is your number one, all-time, favorite blog?
I do not have one. Although I do kind of get odd pleasure out of reading my old ones over, to see how I have changed.

4. Biggest online pet peeve?
The fact that I get sucked into the Internet and sometimes waste hours just... there. Not even aware of what I am doing.

5. What is your all-time favorite book?
As previously mentioned, Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Honorable mentions include She Came to Stay by Simone de Beauvoir, Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys, Persuasion by Jane Austen, and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

6. What would your “last meal” be?
Tex-Mex Feast. Chips with guacamole and legit chile con queso. Beef tacos with homemade tortillas, chicken enchiladas with verde sauce. And then, for dessert, a completely unrelated bowl of pistachio ice cream. And, to drink: limeade. Good, fresh, delicious limeade.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. In a very Elizabeth Bennett way, I refuse to think I could love someone without being fully acquainted with his character.

8. What would your ideal Sunday morning consist of?
Breakfast tacos with fresh flour tortillas, a bike ride to a park where lots of owners walk their dogs while I sit and read Victorian sensation novels on a bench and say hello to every basset hound who comes near.

9. Why do you blog?
I like to force myself to write outside of academia, but I also hope to have some kind of record of graduate school for myself in the future.

10. If you had to choose one color to wear forever, what would you pick?

11. What is your all-time favorite band?
In some ways this question is always unfair because it has to be The Beatles. But if we take The Beatles for granted, the answer is probably The Kings of Convenience or The Decemberists.

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