Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: in which I hope a Ruche skirt gets restocked

I want this skirt. Unfortunately, by the time that I decided that I could afford it, it was out of stock. Perhaps this setback is for the best, financially speaking. But I do have about $14 to spend at Ruche from a belt that I returned last autumn, and I have been itching to spend it on something for myself for my birthday.

I see myself wearing this skirt with everything. From vintage blouses to camisoles to my rarely-donned collection of band t-shirts, this skirt would not suffer from neglect. The light color makes it ideal to wear with black tops, and I have so many black band t-shirts that I seldom wear because all of my denim is too dark or the art gets covered beneath a high-waist skirt. And imagine how well this skirt would work with tights of all colors, too! Oh dear, oh dear.

No outfit today, dear reader. I must dip into Bleak House and finish A Mercy this evening/tomorrow morning, and because I indulged in a sit-down-at-a-restaurant-dinner after class this evening, I'm a little bit short on time.

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