Monday, March 05, 2012

Music Monday: in which winter is not over in Iowa

This weekend I went to the grocery store in the morning. It was sunny, if a bit cold. After I came home, I brewed some tea and set to work on more annotations. Around 12:30 I entered the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. To my utter shock, I saw that it had begun to snow in what I can only describe as a rather frenzied manner. And it continued to do so... all day. Into the afternoon and into the evening and into the night: snow snow snow. White fluff falling from the sky, obscuring my view of the parking lot outside my living room windows.

I lit every candle in my apartment, pulled Mondrian my Squishable T-Rex close, and lost myself in gloomy criticism on the Gothic. To what tunes, you might ask?

Kate Bush recently released an album called "50 Words for Snow." How fortuitous, right? But as a true lit nerd, I have loved the song "Wuthering Heights" for years! And Kate Bush along with it. Her dream-like tracks are too perfect for a world made blank by a surprise snowstorm. On Saturday night I put "Snowed in at Wheeler Street" on repeat and listened to it in my bedroom after midnight in the dark. There's something almost haunting about it. And I mean that in the best way.

[sweater: Coldwater Creek, dress: vintage, thigh-high socks: Sock Dreams, shoes: via my mum, belt: thrifted]

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