Friday, March 16, 2012

in which it is spring break, and I turn 24

Confession: I meant to have regular updates over spring break, but just before I left Iowa City, my digital camera fell off of a rock onto another rock and the lens broke! So, I have been using my Diana this past week to take photos of my life. And, I have not taken an outfit photo in 7 days.

But, my parents bought my a new camera for my birthday! So, when I return to Iowa and put a memory card in my new camera, I can return to regular blog posts. Meanwhile, I've been working towards a paper topic regarding Jean Rhys's short fiction, researching 19th century ghost sightings in periodicals, and trying to soak up as much sunlight as I can here in Austin. R and I have kept busy with our Bones watching at night, and our Scrabble games in the afternoon!

Today's my birthday! R is taking my out to lunch when he gets off of work early today. I'm 24 years old today. I'm not sure what that really means, because I still can't rent a car at most establishments. But, hey, 23 was a decent age. Here's to hoping 24 is even better!