Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday: in which I annotate to the tunes of Blackbird Blackbird

Raise your hand if you know what an annotated bibliography is.

For those of you who did not raise your hands, know that an annotated bibliography is a long list of sources that, besides bibliographic information for each (i.e. title, author, publisher, date, and place of publication, etc), one adds a lengthy couple of paragraphs detailing the argument and information found in the text and perhaps also its strenghs and weaknesses, and how it will or will not be useful to yourself.

I have to annotate 10 articles for my Victorian class by next Tuesday, and so I have been trying to read and annotate one article each day until then so that I am not overwhelmed by affect and Jane Eyre on the Sunday before. I'd like to make it to spring break without my brain exploding, thanks.

While I read articles, I have been experimenting with the 'right' kind of music for me to have playing in the background. I've been varying between a mix of jazz and swing with post-rock and mellow electronic-ish indie with subtle vocals. I'd like to share with you all one of my discoveries during this perusal: Blackbird Blackbird.

I really dig the way that their songs make me think of wistfully watching the waves crash against the shore from a chilly dock in Oregon or Maine in the late summer on a cloudy day.

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