Wednesday, September 06, 2006

where my love lies waiting silently for me

One week and one day!

I feel bad about not returning phone calls promptly. It's just hard. It's hard for me to go from Ancient Greek to a phone conversation and back again. Even if I get to the conversation, I am terrified that I will be told about everything I am missing (as if xanga and facebook don't tell me enough), and I know I can't handle that. I know I am missing out on things at home, and missing Austin the person is hard enough without missing excursions to Barton Springs and the like.

I did all of my dorm shopping by myself.

And it just feels like no one really notices that I am gone. Robin went back and there were like Robin Parties, and a million facebook photo albums dedicated to her. I know none of that will happen when I come home, which just makes it harder for me to talk to anyone from there because I know they don't miss me as much as her. I tried to give everyone a going-away present for college, but no one except Coco and Austin have even written me letters. I knew that no one would I guess, since no one ever does, but I still hoped for mail.

All of that aside, I am struggling with my time management. Even as I type all of this I should be studying my Ancient Greek verb that there is a quiz on today, and making myself breakfast.

I think I am quitting Poetry in Motion so I can go get Amelia's other birthday presents today. Also the poetry deadline was yesterday and I didn't turn in anything, so I would have to be a dancer which is just a bad idea. I hope they don't have t-shirts or I will be sad that I quit. That's what I will do this year--be a huge advocate for club t-shirts.

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