Wednesday, September 13, 2006

whatever you do, don't

I love being awake this early here, because when I go outside and to breakfast, it is actually chilly. The morning weather is indistinguishable from autumn.

At breakfast, Laura and I both got disco trays! These trays are leftover from the 70s, and are light green with gold splotches and glitter on them. Hendrix legend states that if you receive a disco tray (by chance--you can't look for one or steal someone else's), then you will have good luck that day. So far I would say it is working.

After class Laura and I (and Lauren, probably), are going to go shopping at Salvation Army for birthday presents for Ashley. While I'm at it I should get something for Trey as well (not movie theatre Trey, but Trey who is in my Journeys and Explorations classes).

I don't have to do any homework today. I come home tomorrow. Hendrix is so beautiful to me when I am about to leave.

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