Tuesday, September 12, 2006

this phone tag game is endless and the novelty's wearing

I think the air conditioner in our room broke. I am sweating in boxers and a tank top, and the air is on as cold as it cans go--which usually puts it to sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks, and a hat type of temperature.

Today I realized that though I am thrilled to be coming home, I am academically screwed. For instance, I have a Poetry midterm on Monday, and in case everyone forgot, that is the class I mostly slept through until recently. I don't have all the poems I need to study and I did not take notes. I have a paper on academic integrity due on Tuesday. I have a huge Greek test on Friday that I am missing. Lord only knows when I will be able to make that up. So basically I have huge things in every class in the same cluster of days that I am NOT HERE and EXTREMELY BUSY. Go figure.

My roommate is coming down with something. I weigh 139. Those seem important somehow.

Today I had a gin and tonic and really liked it.

The new Decemberists album is amazing.

Clara, you need to start leaving your phone on, woman.

One more day!!

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