Monday, April 25, 2011

My Life and Good Morning, Midnight

On the shelf above my desk, I have begun to place Post-It notes with quotes from my favorite novels on them. The Post-It note that started this project is a yellow one with the following quote from Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys:

"Everything tender and melancholy — as life is sometimes, just for one moment….And when we get to Paris; when – we – get – to – Paris…."

And today I feel this. It is not Paris specifically that I presently ache for, however. I long for the end of the semester, and find myself almost constantly thinking "once the semester is over..." and "when I've finished my term papers..." in a way very similar to that of Sasha in this passage. For those of you who have read this [amazing] novel, you might remember the 4-5 page section where "when-we-get-to-Paris" is on repeat, interspersed between the narration, in an almost mechanical--like a train--manner. The promise of Paris for Sasha while on her honeymoon is not entirely dissimilar to the promise of summer vacation for me. I only hope that my summer does not end in the same disappointment as not only Sasha's time in Paris, but also her marriage at large.

R brought over season five of Top Chef a couple of nights ago (apparently NetFlix doesn't have the first four seasons?) and we have been watching an episode or two each day ever since. I am reminded of how much I enjoy cooking and baking, and how I strove this time last year to try to make a new dessert each week. I made things like sweet potato pound cake and pear crumble and chocolate-raspberry brownies and deposited them in the English faculty office hallway with a note. (The pound cake, by the by, was a HUGE hit). When we watch Top Chef I have a habit of turning to R and saying wistfully, "Over the summer I am going to cook Indian food." Or, pie. Or, cobbler. Or, lamb chops. Or, stuffed poblano peppers. And it's true. This summer I want to cook and bake; I want to try new things; I want to be [at least somewhat] ambitious.

I want to make this:Chicken with Cashew Cream and Mushrooms

And god only knows how many other recipes! I'll compile a list soon. I can even post it here. Expect more "When-I-get-to-the-end-of-the-semester" posts soon.