Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Basically I'll become very acquainted with the library."

These are the words of Joseph (Joe), a friend of my roomate. His roomate is a scifi freak [of nature]. Eek. I am much better off.

I have been so busy. Not necessarily in a good way. We've done a lot of useless things that have been either in rooms that are way too cold, or outside, where it is more humid than in Austin (le gasp!). I can't wait to actually start taking classes and studying. I feel like Hermione (and I kinda like it).

I've met some people. It's hard for me to really start liking them and stuff, because I may never see them again. I mean, if they aren't English people we will never have classes together. And usually friends come from classes (remember?). I will use more details once I feel like I will actually get to know these people. I am trying not to get attached.

My orientation "adventure" is to go to Eureka Springs. We will be going swimming and shopping and to a wildcat preserve. I didn't pack any shorts, so I don't really know how I will manage this wilderness expedition. In skirts and band shirts. Woo.

A kid (he was definitely gay) told me yesterday that I am "scene." He was from Memphis. Maybe there "scene" is a synonym for "indie." Haha.

Tomorrow my schedule will be finalized and I will post it on here. I took the placement exam for French this morning and it seriously squeezed my brain. I couldn't remember stuff like the imperfect tense, so we'll see. Maybe I will give up French... but I like it so much... yargh?

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