Monday, August 14, 2006

and the oil fields shine


So here I am, in the hotel lobby in Conway. Oh shit, I move in at 8am.

By the way, this template isn't done yet. It looks fine on my laptop but I hear it is awful on desktops.

The drive took forever. The same amount of time as it takes to fly from New York City to Berlin. I mostly slept, and then read all of my favorite young teenager book, Bloomability. It made me excited about college because it involves 13 year olds at a boarding school in Switzerland. I can't wait to do similar things to what they did--minus skiing. Pretty sure it doesn't snow that much here.

I went to WalMart and Office Depot. I am stocked up with PopTarts and comp books. And my iPod is being updated to the crapload of music as stolen from Clara, Megan, and Stephen.


Except for one thing. Meeting new people.

I haven't really had to make new friends since... ever? I always met people through people. Kealing and LBJ were easy like that. Now the only people I know here are: Laura- new like me. And Kingsley=pothead. So... brand new surroundings.

And then there's the whole co-ed dormitory thing. Frightened. Very frightened. Please don't smell like summer camp. Then again, it is called Couch, so it may be worth it.

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