Sunday, June 24, 2007

you're right, there's probably no point to my life--thank you for bringing it up

Why is it that I have chosen this moment to update my blog? I don't even know. I'm watching About a Boy and wishing it would rain outside. Woo...

Bonnaroo was a disaster. Austin and I actually gave up and came home after one day. Go figure. I was an idiot to decide to go--I mean, I dislike camping and drug-filled environments. I was seriously just walking right into that one. Someone would usually stop me and remind me that I hate that sort of thing, but no one did. I regret it a lot. Not the leaving, but the going in the first place. Because now I have to imagine what would've happened if I'd stayed. Should've never gone at all.

I've got the job at Coldwater Creek, which I love. It's difficult to explain. I can't decide if the other workers there take me seriously or not, and I can't decide if I want them to. I like being treated like an equal to people who aren't my age. I get paid $8.25/hr. ...I guess that sums it up?

...I'm getting distracted by the movie.

I don't know how I feel about things. I want to go back to school, to take class. I think that's all I'm good at. Taking classes. I'm not even really that good at it. It's just that I need some intellectual stimulation.

I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

I've finally gotten my booklists for my classes. I really wish I could teach. I really wish I could teach at Hogwarts. I wish I could GO to Hogwarts.

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