Tuesday, March 27, 2007

tell me is this fair

I guess I ought to update this more often, but it never crosses my mind.

All of my club activites are done (by "all" I mean lit-mag). We register for classes this week and I am thinking of this:

Sem One
Jane Austen
Readings in Ancient Greek Literature
Literary Analysis
Plato and Aristotle

Sem Two
Post Modern and Contemporary American Literature
Sports, Leisure, Escape

The Jane Austen course is a senior seminar and will be next to impossible for me to get into. I know the professor, and I think she finds me intelligent and a good writer, but that won't matter when it comes down to seniors needing their seminar credits and me only being a sophomore whose major is not yet officially declared (I mean obviously we all know I am an English major and have been since I was 5, but it is not on my transcript yet). Hendrix has a bid-point system, and you collect bid-points by taking classes. You can bid your bid-points to get into a class, but I have so few that unless no one else bids at all, I won't get in off of those. This seminar won't be repeated while I am still at Hendrix, either.

So tomorrow morning I find out which classes I am taking for real, when I talk to my asshole advisor in the art department. I emailed him to ask if there was a specific time I should come by and he replied with

"There is a sign-up sheet on my office door..."

As if I am in the Art Building every day of my life? How was I supposed to know that? And anyway, the Art Building is not even on campus really, so he could have jusr saved me an extra trip and told me when he was available. He was sitting right by the list. What an asshole. If he tries to put me in Calculus again I will scream.

Classes really are all I am concerned with right now. Excited and terrified. Sophomores get screwed all the time at Hendrix, and with the shitty freshman year I had academically, that is the last thing that needs to happen.

But Anna and Katie and Hollis and Leah and I are going to Hot Springs this weekend, so that is something to look forward to. Less than a month of classes left, too, and I think only half of my finals will be difficult.

Then I come home!
And see Ben Gibbard, and Voxtrot, and BONNAROO.

It is skirt weather, too. (Aka hard to do work.)

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