Friday, January 14, 2011

of strange color matches and karaoke night

hat: Forever 21
cardigan: JCrew, thrifted
tights: MP via Sock Dreams
shoes: Naturalizer
dress: thrifted, Blue Velvet ATX
necklace: Parts and Labor, ATX
belt: JCrew outlet

I'm not sure that lime green and bright yellow are supposed to go together, but DAMN IT they are going to be going together in this outfit, which is comprised largely of wool. Wool tights, wool cardigan (new today from Second Act--on sale for FIVE DOLLARS). Wool coat, when I leave the apartment.

The plans for tonight are to eat dinner at The Motley Cow, an upscale Iowa City restaurant that my friends and I have been ogling longingly for months upon months. We decided it was time that we resigned ourselves to the pricey entrees and tried it out. After this, we are heading down to the American Legion and meeting up with some Workshop folk for karaoke! The American Legion is a close relative of the VFW, for all of you readers with Conway, AR experience. Only, there is dancing. Like, a ton of it, and to Madonna and Hootie and the Blowfish instead of the electric slide. It is kind of one of my favorite things ever. Recently (read: for the past month) I have felt increasingly desperate to just get whiskeyed and sing and dance my little Lauren heart out. So tonight, it is going to happen. Brace yourselves, friends whose cell numbers I have who can receive text messages.