Tuesday, September 18, 2007

your mind is racing like a pro now, oh my god it doesn't mean that much to you

ACL was this weekend, and what was amazing was:
-chicken flautas
-The Arcade Fire taping
-The National

So it was a good time, because all of those cancel out the shitty things:
-too hot
-bitchy girls before Regina Spektor
-not meeting The Decemberists
-feet dying during Andrew Bird

I do regret not staying in the front row to see Ghostland Observatory, because I had no fun at their show at Stubb's.

Meanwhile back at Hendrix I have so much effing work to do. And I need to work off A LOT this week, and who knows what my weekends have in store because I do not think that my friend group is going to survive. Bleh.

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