Sunday, November 12, 2006

i am dark, mysterious, and pissed off

I suppose it has been a while since I last updated the world on my college experience. Things you may want to know:

-I have become addicted to Firefly
-I am writing a novel (50,000 words by Dec.1)
-I went to a dance party on Friday and got drunk and danced a lot. Innocent fun.
-Last night at 3am the fire alarm went off in Couch and I, in boxers and a shirt, grabbed two stuffed animals and my phone--NOT my shoes or my glasses or a blanket. We stood outside in the 30something degree weather for almost half an hour before we could go inside (fire trucks came and everything). I was a bit panicked because I couldn't see anything or feel my feet.
-I never know where I can pee in my dormitory. The third floor is for girls, the second is both sexes, and the first is boys. I spend most of my time in Adam and Robert's room, which is on the first floor. Whenever I have to pee I don't know where to go! Once I was tipsy and went to the bathroom in their hall but ended up seeing a naked guy who definitely did not expect to see a female emerge from the stall. This is a very pressing issue, especially since I drink in their room a lot, and that makes me have to pee, and walking up stairs is never a good idea in that state, either.

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