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Lucy had her work cut out for her
.Tuesday, November 21, 2006 ' 10:17 AM
Well I'm coming home today. I want to. For the first time I have been really missing my mother. I think it's because I feel very lost, and although I would not tell her about the things that have been making me feel thus, I just want to feel safe and secure in my own room and the familiarities of the holidays.

I've been fucking things up with Austin, Ancient Greek, and my novel.

I just don't understand how someone would be willing to go at someone with a knife for sticking his hand down my pants but not to drive a half hour to Little Rock twice in one day in order to pick me up from the airport.

but Charles, the empty miles press
with the weight I had thought I was avoiding;
and how can I confess
when I know not what I am doing?

The new HP trailer is available on MuggleNet.com or the Happy Feet website. I checked imdb.com for the cast list, and in the credits it gave names for the actors of "young Sirius Black" and "young Remus Lupin" and "young James Potter" and "young Peter Pettigrew" and "young Severus Snape." At least I know they will TRY to not fuck up the marauder bits completely by at least including them.

I like how I am having this slight life crisis and I can still get excited about HP.



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