Friday, April 06, 2012

Food Friday: in which I make pizza

About once a month or so I traipse down to the co-op a few blocks southeast of my apartment to see if there are any outstanding deals on things like sweet potato chips, organic avocados, lavender goat milk soap, or Wensleydale cheese. Usually none of these things are on sale, but a couple of other desirable items are. Last month I needed a cucumber for some peanut noodles and did not feel like driving to Hyvee, so I walked to the co-op and paid about $3.50 for an organic cucumber.

But I am not here to complain about paying over 3 times the regular price for a cucumber at the co-op.

I happened to find a whole wheat pizza crust for $2.00. These things, even at normal grocery stores, can cost about $5--at the co-op, they usually run about $7.50. I bought the pizza crust and it sat in my pantry until earlier this week when I decided to make two pizzas with it.

1st Half of the Pizza: Jalapeno and Pepperoni
2nd Half of the Pizza: Pineapple and Pesto

I used an organic canned pizza sauce for the 1st half, added a pinch of basil, and topped the sauce with shredded mozzarella (um, how the hell is that word spelled?) before adding pepperoni and jalapenos from a jar. For the second half, I topped the crust with pesto (instead of pizza sauce), and added shredded mozzarella (??no seriously) and then chunks of canned pineapple. I baked the pizza according to the package directions for the crust, and voila!

And--spring! Please note the lack of tights.
On this particular day, I found myself not entirely disappointed that I had left some grading in my office and needed to ride my bike to campus and back. Alonso and I enjoyed the fresh pre-thunderstorm air, so crisp and somehow... fizzy.

[dress: vintage, cardigan: JCrew, shoes: Urban Outfitters belt: vintage necklace: hand-me-down, bag: Myopic Books in Chicago]


heymegz said...

LOVE MAKING PIZZA. there's this wonderful $2 frozen pizza crust they have at shoprite out here and it comes in whole wheat, too! and, yes, you spelled mozzarella right! try mushrooms, red onion and spinach as toppings!

the flea markets in NYC and brooklyn will be starting soon, and if i find any organic cool body products for cheap, i'll ship a few your way! i'm trying to convert my body products into organic/vegan the best i can. i use vegan lip products now and i hardly have lip problems anymore. my lips get REALLY flaky and dry, too. lush cosmetics is really cool! i use the tea tree water and notice a difference.

oh, laur. whenever you make your way to nj/nyc, i will take you for real pizza and real italian food. and by real italian food, i mean dinner at my house.

<3 <3 <3 <3

LNR said...

I love tea tree stuff! The nice little organic body shop in Conway had some great tea tree conditioner/shampoo that I loved.

SOMEDAY I will come see you and stay at your house an bake yummy things with you!! And we'll ride bikes in central park and eat pizza. With jalapenos. I have to have the jalapenos. <3

R said...

Girls on bikes 30% more attractive. It's a fact.

Alonso is looking good.