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Lucy had her work cut out for her
.Wednesday, December 21, 2011 ' 10:18 AM
in which I am in warm ATX but I showcase outfits from snowy IC

Well, it has been a struggle. I got my two end-of-term essays in, and posted grades for my 40 students. All of this with--still--no functioning laptop of my own. I ordered the wrong replacement keyboard for my mini Dell, and then forgot to bring the power cord for my giant Dell to Austin with me, so I have been using R's laptop for all academic needs. And, as a result, not using a computer at all for other needs--which includes, obviously, blogging!

But then I realized that I miss blogging, and that I almost have a 30-for-30 going on here for the next 30 days in any case due to my limited wardrobe. So, expect periodic, though not daily, posts.

The temperatures here range from 55-70 degrees during the day, so I haven't really been needing to layer much. It is an odd feeling not to need a coat when I leave the house. The outfit you are about to see was donned during completely opposite weather:

boots: Clark's, gifted
jeans: Gap
shirt and scarf and coat: thrifted
beret: hat store in Madison
brooch: vintage

cardigan and dress and belt: thrifted
socks: Target
boots: Clark's, gifted

I do not miss the cold. Yesterday morning I went jogging around the lake, and it was about 50 degrees and windy. The only thing I miss about Iowa City is having somewhere indoors to work out, because that wind was hurting my throat!

In the near future: thrifting adventures



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