Friday, July 22, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, it's thunderstorming. What does one do on a day like this? I got up at six to drive R into work and tried to make myself breakfast tacos. I use the word "tried" because the hashbrowns (which were frozen solid and I had to hack off with a knife) turned out rather disgusting. What a waste of perfectly decent flour tortillas.

One skips French class.

One does the dishes from the failed breakfast taco bonanza with a towel on her head and be-boppin' to a playlist:

We Used to Wait- Arcade Fire
Putting the Dog to Sleep- Antlers
In the Flowers- Animal Collective
Ada- The National
To Kingdom Come- Passion Pit
Bluish- Animal Collective
Chinatown- Destroyer
No Windows- Antlers
Modern Man- Arcade Fire
Eyes as Candles- Passion Pit

One frenchbraids one's hair.

One hunts for recipes on Broke-Ass Gourmet.

One reads What is Found There by Adrienne Rich for a long overdue seminar paper. One considers reading boring nonfiction from the 1800s in French to make up for missing class. One decides she would rather not just now.

One looks at the new clothes on Ruche. One reminds herself for the millionth time that she's going to Boston in a couple of weeks and has no money to spare for pretty clothes (or, really, anything at all including groceries, toiletries, and beer).

One updates her blog instead of packing boxes.

Okay, fine, I'll go pack some boxes.

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